February 18, 2020
Long-Awaited Release of Sex Keeper App for Apple Watch
On February 18, 2020, we released an update on the App Store along with the app for the Apple Watch. The first version of the app includes the timer manager and the tracking of basic health parameters.
Now using the app during an intimate process has become easier and more convenient. You can start the activity in two taps: open the Sex Keeper app on your watch and turn on the timer. During the process, the app will track your heart rate and the average calorie burn rate.

The number of calories burned may change after you add the used positions data. To specify additional activity data, simply open the Sex Keeper app on your smartphone after the activity on the watch is complete. Then you will be displayed a screen to fill in the information.

With the Sex Keeper app on your watch, you can manage not only the timer but also your Apple Music player to create the right mood. So there's nothing to distract you from the most important moment.

We care about your health, so we've added an important heart rate monitoring feature. After all, sex is a serious physical activity. If your heart rate exceeds the critical number of 160 beats per minute, the app will notify you about it and recommend you to pause and rest a bit. In further updates, we will personalize this feature and users will be able to set the maximum number of beats according to their own health condition.