Sex Keeper App is a simple and convenient app for tracking statistics of your sexual activity. Available on the App Store and Google Play.

Important information
We do not collect, store or process your personal data. All information that you add to the app is stored only on your device. We do not have access to your data. More information in Privacy Policy and Terms of Use.

Start using the app by completing the profile section. You can fill in the information about your name, age, add your photo. In addition to general information, specify your gender, so the calorie counting formula will work better.

Just start the timer before the beginning of sex. After completing the activity, add all the additional information in the description. Be sure to include the positions that you used during the sex. The app calculates the number of burned calories based on the duration of the sexual act and the used poses. Different positions consume different amounts of calories. Besides, you can specify the mood, the number of orgasms, location, partners, tags, photos, text description. If the user has an Apple Watch, the app will also monitor their heart rate during the sexual act.
This section contains a tape of all posts of your sexual acts like a diary. To view the one sex detailed information click on its block. You can edit the information or delete it, just click on the three dots in the top corner of the screen. You can also add a new sex entry by clicking on the "+" button in the top right corner.

The most long-awaited section among our users. There are packages of positions from the classic Kamasutra. Positions are illustrated with high-quality images, descriptions, and indicating the number of calories you will burn per minute using this position. Also, you can mark positions as "favorites", "want to try" or "already tried", and add your own comments if necessary. For convenience, the list of positions is presented by category. Also, you can use ready-made scripts that contain a selection of positions for a perfect evening, or create your own. If you want to try a random position just click on the button - "I'm feeling lucky".
This section has three main points.

Indicators. Here you can track the statistics of burned calories, the total duration of acts, the number of sexual acts, the number of orgasms, popular positions, locations, tags, and partners. You can check statistics for all time or separately for each month. To see detailed statistics for the year, click on the first main block. Here you will see graphs of the main indicators and blocks of the longest sex of the year, sex with the largest count of positions, the fastest sex of the year, sex with the largest count of orgasms. To display detailed information for each month, click on the block with the month.

Achievements. When you reach a particular indicator, you will be given a reward. You can get the achievement for the number of calories burned, the number of sexual acts or other productivity. For example, you can get an achievement when the number of calories burned reaches 500 cal. for all the period of using the app.

Goals. You can set your own goals. It can be the number of sexual acts for a certain period, the maximum duration of the sexual act, the number of used positions, the number of locations. Also, you can monitor the process of achieving the goals. This section is aimed at your motivation.
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