November 10, 2019
How User Data Is Stored
in the Sex Keeper App
It is important to us that all our users' data is highly protected. Especially considering the specifics of the data and the subject matter of the app. Here we will explain in detail why we do not have access to your data.
Storage on iOS Devices

Let's get started by looking at the storage system on iOS devices. All data you add or create in the Sex Keeper app, including profile data, your progress, and statistics, is exclusively stored on your device. We do not use our own or third-party servers for security reasons. Thus, user data leak through our fault is impossible.

To enable our users to restore data when they delete an app or switch to a new device, we have made sure that they can upload data from the app to iCloud, Apple's secure data storage. Make sure you have a strong password for iCloud and two-factor authentication enabled. This will significantly improve the security of your data.

If you're going to uninstall the Sex Keeper app, but want your data to be archived, we suggest ensuring that your device has iCloud data sync enabled for the Sex Keeper. To do so, you need to open your iPhone Settings, go to iCloud, find the Sex Keeper in the app list, and enable data synchronization. If you want to remove Sex Keeper data from iCloud, you need to tap Manage Storage in iCloud Settings, find Sex the Keeper in the app list, and delete all your data.

Storage on Android Devices

As for data storage on Android devices. All user data is stored only on the current device where the user uses the Sex Keeper app. Accordingly, similarly to iOS devices, we do not have access to our users' data. We do not store or process them.

In order to additionally secure the data and prevent the possibility of personal information leakage, the data backup from the Sex Keeper app is disabled.

Password to Log in to the App

In this way, we have done our best to ensure that access to your personal information is only available for you on your device. If there is a possibility that third parties may have access to your smartphone, be sure to set a six-digit password to log in to the Sex Keeper app.