July 10, 2019
Finally Sex Keeper
Available in Google Play
After a long wait, the Sex Keeper App was finally released on Google Play. Now the app has become available to all users of mobile devices.
What Is a Sex Keeper For

With the Sex Keeper app, you can count the number of calories burned, the duration of activity, the number of orgasms, track your popular partners, places and tags. There is an option to view statistics for all time, for a certain year or certain month. Use a timer during an activity or add information about past activities manually. Fill in information about mood, location, partners, add tags, photos and text description. In addition to statistics, you can simply keep a diary of your activity.

In addition, the app has all the popular positions of the Kamasutra, with illustrations and a simple description, as well as indicating the number of calories that can be burned per minute. Now it's easier to choose a position from the list to calculate calories burned more accurately. You can mark the positions as ones that you need to try, have already tried, or add them to your favorites. With the Sex Keeper app, you can not only count the duration and number of calories burned but also motivate yourself by goals and achievements. Get badge-rewards for your achievements, for the record for the number of calories burned, the duration, or the number of positions used. Also, you can set your goals by the number of calories burned, duration, number of positions, or places for a certain period of time.

If you want to learn more about how the app works, you can read the article How to use the Sex Keeper app.

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