July 15, 2019
Track and Spice up Your Sex Life With Sex Keeper App
Sex Keeper app - personal sex tracker and calorie counter with high-quality images of Kamasutra positions, available for download on the App Store and Google Play.
About the Sex Keeper App

With Sex Keeper app users can track the number of calories burned during the sex, the duration statistics of sexual activity, the number of orgasms, the most frequently used positions, popular partners, locations, and tags. Also, users can add photos and text notes to the sex description. Easy graphs represent statistics of a user sex activity.

The number of burned calories directly depends on the gender of the user and the positions used. Therefore, we recommend indicating your sex in the profile so that the calculations will be accurate.

Recently, we updated the Sex Keeper app in the App Store, made a more fresh and stylish design, added some new functions and launched the app for Google Play.

Besides, in the new version of the Sex Keeper app, we added illustrations of 111 Kamasutra positions. Now it has become much easier to find and check the used pose. Also, users can try something new from the positions list.

Those who are worried about the security of their data can set a password to log into the app. All user's data is stored only on the user's device, and developers do not have access to it.

If you want to learn more about how the app works, you can read the article How to use the Sex Keeper app.

Why You Need Sex Keeper App

If you are planning to get pregnant and you need to track the days on which you had a sexual activity. Sync the app with Apple Health and the new Apple Watch feature on the women's calendar or another women's cycle app. Thus, you can track the data of your ovulation and the presence of sex on the necessary days with all additional information.

Sexual activity is also physical activity, which consumes a certain number of calories and if you monitor your energy activity, calorie counting will be another useful feature and an occasion to use the Sex Keeper app.

If you want to diversify your personal life, then you can do this with the help of new positions from the Kamasutra, which we added in the new version of the app. You can also set a specific goal for yourself and count the number of positions used, places or duration for a certain period of time. An additional motivation will be getting achievements for certain progress in sexual life.

About Future Updates

The current version for iOS is not the final one. In the next month, we will release more cool updates. We will work on the motivation of users and add rewards for achievements. Moreover, we will add a possibility to create your own goals. By the way, the Sex Keeper app for Android already has these functions. Soon we will launch the Sex Keeper app on the Apple Watch and translate the app into Russian, French, German, Italian, and Spanish languages.

Sex Keeper App in Stores

Sex Keeper on App Store
Sex Keeper on Google Play

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